How is Allicin related to Garlic?

Written by Tim Moore

There are over seventy health promoting components to the herb garlic. The one you're more likely to hear about is allicin.

Here's a short excerpt from the vitaminstuff page on allicin: "Allicin is a sulfur compound that destroys many parasites, fungi, and viruses, including Helicobacter pylori (which causes peptic ulcers), herpes, and candida. Because it contains large amounts of allicin, garlic is thought to support the immune system against bacterial, viral, and fungal infection. Some studies have even shown garlic to be particularly effective in preventing recurrent yeast infections and in treating ear infections."

To read the entire page: The potential benefits of Garlic .

Sidenote: I once remember a friend telling me that his vet had recommended giving their family dog garlic supplements to ward off fleas. Has this practice stood the test of time? It might be worthy of a little internet research. However, frankly, my own dog's breath is bad enough on its own.

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