What can you do about skin aging?

Written by Tena Moore

As you age your skin will naturally change. You may notice your skin becoming thinner, developing wrinkles and age spots, and it will probably become dryer, losing its smooth, plump texture. While skin aging is a natural process and there are many products that claim to help reverse or slow down this process, there are lifestyle choices that can either speed up or slow down skin aging naturally.

If you are worried about skin aging, keep these lifestyle choices in mind. First, always make sure to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer and/or lotion. The neck, face, and hands are the first places that usually show skin aging; keep these areas hydrated. Since sun exposure is known to cause skin aging, using a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is a great way to reduce premature skin aging. Also, other precautions such as keeping yourself covered away from direct sunlight, and steering clear of tanning beds and sunlamps.

Not smoking (and staying away from second hand smoke), getting enough sleep, engaging in regular exercise, getting enough vitamin C, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping stress low, and keeping your alcohol use to a moderate level can also do wonders to keep skin aging to a minimum.

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