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Hoodia Extract

Hoodia gordonii is a South African succulent that, because of its prickly green appearance, is often mistakenly referred to as a cactus. Recently scientific research has proven what the Kalahari San bushmen have known for thousands of years: hoodia gordonii is a nutritious food that is extremely effective at reducing the appetite. In fact, the San bushmen traditionally pack hoodia for long hunting trips in the African desert regions, where food and water are scarce.

Hoodia is traditionally used in Africa to treat a variety of other disorders, including hypertension, abdominal cramps, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, indigestion, and diabetes. However, it is the ability of hoodia to reduce appetite and promote weight loss that has recently captured the attention of the Western world.

Researchers have discovered that hoodia gordonii contains a molecule that is many times more effective than glucose at decreasing hunger pangs. In clinical studies participants that took hoodia for just two weeks showed a significant reduction in their average daily calorie intake and body fat content when compared to the placebo group. In fact, hoodia is so effective at reducing appetite that many pharmaceutical companies are presently attempting to produce synthetic forms of hoodia for use as a prescription weight loss drug.

Many species of hoodia are found in the desert regions of South Africa, but only hoodia gordonii is a proven appetite suppressant. It is this species that is currently being marketed as a diet pill supplement. Hoodia extract is available at health food stores and from online distributors in capsule, tincture, and liquid extract forms; it is also added to combination supplements marketed as appetite suppressants. However, it is important to note that there has been quite a bit of fraud uncovered where hoodia supplements are concerned. Do your research before buying any processed form of hoodia and buyer beware: quality hoodia gordonii extract is not cheap, so if a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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