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Skin Care (products, information, strategies & tips)

One of the hottest trends in the beauty industry today is a growing interest in natural, or holistic skin care products, especially among aging baby boomers seeking to optimize health and slow the aging process. Consumers spent more than 8.5 billion dollars on holistic products last year alone, and retailers expect this number will continue increase in the future.

Today’s average beauty product consumer is most interested in products that can prevent or even reverse the effects of aging, rather than those that merely camouflage sagging and wrinkles. Natural products are perceived as being gentler to the skin, especially skin that is highly reactive to synthetic perfumes, oils, and preservatives traditionally used in cosmetic products.

A more holistic approach to skin care, one that includes a healthy diet and products that protect against environmental and free-radical damage, is now thought to be the most effective solution to aging skin.

Thus section includes articles and information concerning nutrients and natural skin care products that promote healthy skin, including moisturizers, sunscreens, anti-aging formulations, and skin cleansers.

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