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A research team at Louisiana State University conducted a six month study to investigate the effects of a low calorie diet using four groups of overweight men and women who were placed on different eating regimens.

One group was placed on an eating regimen designed to maintain their current body weight while the other three groups were placed on plans designed to reduce their caloric intake. At the end of the study, all three diet groups had lost at least ten percent of their body weight.

However, according to the leader of the research team, Dr. Leonie Heilbronn, other results were measured as well in the three diet groups. Fasting insulin levels substantially dropped, average core body temperature was reduced, and the incidence of DNA damage resulting from cell divison was reduced (cell divison errors, of course, can lead to the development of cancer).

All of the recorded changes are potentially beneficial for longevity purposes. For instance, low insulin levels are thought to be a common factor among individuals who live past the age of one hundred, while lower body temperature has been speculated to be helpful to living longer.

In short, lower calorie diets may not only pave the way for a healthier life, they may also potentially reverse signs of physical aging.

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