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Apparently, trans fats (trans saturated fat) can actually add inches to your waistline. This was mentioned as a blurb in the 2005 edition of the Men's Health Total Nutrition Guide.

The short article referenced a longitudinal 9-year study which found a positive correlation between trans fat consumption and waistline girth in men. For every two percent increase in trans fat consumption, male subjects experienced a corresponding increase of 1/3 of an inch on their waistline.

According to one of the study's principal authors, trans saturated fat was unique in this regard as monosaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat did not have this effect. Dr. Koh-banerjee speculated that trans fats may decrease insulin sensitivity and the resultant effect might be abdominal weight gain.

How can you avoid the unhealthy effects of trans fat consumption? One way is to check the labeling on foods and avoid those that contain hydrogenated oil.

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