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Excalia is an obesity pill developed by the California based company, Orexigen. Excalia reputedly has the ability to assist weight loss by fooling the body's metabolism. Very often, individuals who adhere to a program of losing weight which focuses on cutting calories will find that, at a particular point, they seem to hit a weight loss "brick wall".

In other words, the body is fairly good at discovering that it is losing weight and will compensate accordingly. Metabolic slow-down simply complicates calorie restricted dieting and causes many dieters to abandon their weight loss efforts. The makers of Excalia claim that Excalia can allow dieters to circumvent this problem by preventing the hypothalamus from slowing down the metabolism.

How effective may Excalia potentially be? A study of the obesity pill found that, in a 48 week period, the majority of study participants had managed to lose twelve percent of their body weight.

How does this compare to dieting that does not involve the use of obesity pills? Eating plans that involve calorie reduction or combine calorie reduction with exercise have been able to produce weight loss gains of ten percent, and in less time. However, for individuals who are unable to engage in physical exercise or for whom a reduced calorie diet might carry health risks, an obesity medication that has the ability to fool the body into maintaining a faster metabolism may be particularly beneficial.

Excalia is currently in the testing stages and is not yet approved for public use in the United States or United Kingdom.

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