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  1. Quantity of fat versus quality of fat?

  2. What prescription weight loss pills exist?

  3. Excalia and losing weight

  4. What are DNA diets?

  5. How hard is it to cut back on calories and maintain a nutritionally balanced diet?

  6. Do you have to exercise to lose weight?

  7. Counting calories versus exercise to lose weight

  8. Can trans fats affect your waist?

  9. Yogurt, Calcium, and losing body fat

  10. Can insufficient sleep cause you to gain weight?

  11. Sleep, the hunger hormone, and weight control

  12. Trans fat levels in microwave meals

  13. Are Tart cherries Good For Obesity?

  14. Can Sitting too long make you fat?

  15. A Genetic Link to being Overweight

  16. Visceral Fat a.k.a Hidden Belly fat

  17. The best bet Diet

  18. Simple ways for cutting calories

  19. Losing Weight to Decrease your Risk of Cancer?

  20. Artificial sweetener linked to weight gain

  21. Get more sleep - Lose more weight

  22. Whole grains can shrink your mid-section and ward off disease

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