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The idea of calorie restriction to boost longevity has been around for decades. And in lab tests involving fruit flies, eating less has indeed allowed test subjects to live longer. Alas, humans are not fruit flies and there is no proof that moderate to severe calorie restriction would have the effect of adding longevity to human lives.

Nonetheless, scientists continue to pursue the question of whether or not eating less can help you live longer. A study sponsored by the National Institute of Aging, and led by Dr. Linda Partridge, sought to verify the effects of eating less. One group of fruit flies was given a diet of yeast which is high in fat and protein and a second group of fruit flies was given a diet of sugar. Both groups of fruit flies were to subjected to a calorie restricted diet and both groups lived longer than normal. Interestingly enough, however, the group of flies whose diet consisted solely of yeast lived sixty percent longer than the group of flies whose diet consisted solely of sugar.

What do these study results mean for people?. The jury is still out on that one. As we stated earlier, humans are not fruit flies and it may be some time before the true effects of calorie restriction on human longevity are understood.

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