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Most people do not get enough chromium in their diet. In fact, up to 90 percent of the population may be deficient when it comes to this valuable, benefit-laden mineral. And this is understandable. To get the recommended 200 micrograms of chromium in a person's diet, an individual would have to consume up to 12,000 calories daily, according to the Department of Agriculture (an expensive proposition and one that would lead full-speed to morbid obesity).

Obviously, to get optimal levels of chromium in your nutrient intake, diet alone will simply not cut it. Supplementing with chromium is the only way.

Why should chromium be a top consideration in any health plan that strives to achieve maximum health? The answer is simple. Chromium has been shown to do the following: control insulin and normalize blood sugar levels (making it a diabetes fighter), lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL, or low density lipids), raise good cholesterol levels (HDL, or high density lipids), increase immune system functioning, reduce the incidence of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and even boost levels of DHEA.

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone with reputed longevity, antiaging properties. High insulin levels (which chromium has been shown to mediate) decrease the body's production of DHEA and, correspondingly, getting more chromium can result in higher DHEA production levels.

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