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Herbs and Herbal Medicine

While vitamins and many other types of nutritional supplements have only been around for a century or more, herbs and herbal medicine have a much longer and more illustrious history. Herbs have been used on nearly every continent and by nearly every people, including ancient cultures dating back thousands of years.

What treatments are provided by herbs and herbal medicine? For most of the common ailments one can name, there is usually at one herbal remedy indicated by botanists, herbalists, or alternative medicine practitioners.

For articles and information on herbal medicine, check this section periodically. For information on specific herbs, please refer to the menu column at the right of the page.

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  • Herbs

     Black Cohosh
     Cat's Claw
     Dang Gui
     Dong Quai
     Evening Primrose
     Gingko Biloba
     Gotu Kola
     Green Tea
     Horse Chestnut
     Lemon Balm
     Milk Thistle
     Red Clover
     Saw Palmetto
     St. John's Wort
     Tea Tree
     White Willow

     Info on Herbs

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