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Tips and Advice for Social Security Disability SSI

Social security disability and SSI - Applying, Filing Appeals, Fighting denials

VitaminStuff features "altmed" articles on various health problems. However, many of these health problems may be, ultimately, disabling. What do you do if you become disabled and unable to work and support yourself? You file for disability benefits. Unfortunately, the disability system is setup so that, even if you really have a legitimate disability and are disabled to the extent that you cannot support yourself, you may still face a bureaucratic paperwork nightmare.

However, learning more about the disability benefit system can, perhaps, help you avoid a few mistakes and, at the very least, give you some insight into what is happening with your disability case. The links on this page should answer a number of questions you might have if you have been forced by your medical circumstances to file for disability.

1. Social Security Disability, SSI Disability Questions
- answers to commonly asked questions about the disability system operated by the social security administration

2. Social Security Disability SSI Tips
- helpful tips for individuals who are filing for disability benefits or appealing a case that has been denied.

3. Social Security Disability SSI advice
- advice for social security disability and SSI benefit applicants

4. Social Security Attorney Referral
- finding SSI and Disability lawyers and attorneys
- locating disability representation and assistance by state.

5. Social Security Attorneys - information for disability cases (ssd, ssi)
- answers to questions regarding the subject of disability attorneys and the services they provide for disability applicants.

6. Social Security Disability SSI and Medical Health Problems (disabilities)
- Information on a number of medical conditions for which disability applications are often filed.

7. Information on Social Security Disability SSI cases
- answers to questions about title II and title 16 disability benefits.

8. General Information on medical conditions
- information on a number of medical conditions including fibromyalgia, heart disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, and back pain.

9. Social Security Disability (SSD, SSDI), SSI Hearings before judges
- Answers to questions regarding disability hearings and administrative law judges who preside over hearings.

10. Answers to Questions regarding various health impairments
- a number of FAQ pages on various health conditions.

11. Questions and Answers about SSD 5

12. Social Security Disability FAQ page 6

13. Number 7 in the list of Disability FAQ pages

14. Long Term Disability Attorney
- long term disability claims and representation

15. Workers Compensation Attorney - Workmans Comp Lawyer
- information on locating a lawyer to handle a workers compensation or workmans comp claim.

16. Social Security Disability Blog

17. Number 8 in the list of Disability FAQ pages

18. Workers Compensation Questions (workmans comp)