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From counting carbs to eating a Mediterranean diet, there are a host of different dieting paths to weight loss. This section will provide you with articles and information about current diet fads, related and helpful nutrients and weight loss supplements. It will also cover other diet-related topics, including safety issues (remember Ephedra?), motivation, eating disorders, hormonal factors, and type II diabetes (a disorder strongly linked to eating habits and weight factors).

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  • DNA Dieting?

  • Bioflavonoids - Their Benefits and How to Include them in your Diet

  • What is High Cholesterol?

    Selected Diet, Dieting, and Weight Loss Blog Posts

    Obesity and Tart cherries

    Here's a question - can Friends Make Each Other Fat?

    Chewing gum that suppresses appetite

    Believing in the low carb approach

    The Atkins Advantage brand of Shakes

    The Unappealing Side Effects of Diet Drugs

    Who would have thought - Sitting too long can make you fat?

    How genes may contribute to being overweight

    Getting the fat off without exercising

    A Genetic Link to being Overweight

    A world of weight gain

    Acceptance, or not, of being overweight

    Hidden Belly fat is visceral fat

    Multiple Sclersosis and the best bet Diet

    Carbohydrates, sleep, and Food Cravings

    Protein actually does burn More Energy

    Low Carbohydrate dieting versus a Low Fat Diet

    A few Simple ways for cutting calories

    Losing Weight to Decrease your Risk of Cancer?

    Artificial sweetener linked to weight gain

    Get more sleep and you may Lose more weight

    Whole grains to trim the mid-section and prevent disease

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