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Sucralose is a low calorie, artificial sweetner made from sugar that is sold under the name ‘Splenda’. It is marketed as being 600 times sweeter than table sugar (sucralose) and two to four times sweeter than saccharin and aspartame.

Since its discovery through chemical processes, sucralose has became the most popular form of artificial sweetener sold today. This sweetner is added to many soft drinks, breakfast bars and various candies. It is also favored because of it’s highly heat stable qualities, making it a good substitute for sugar when baking.

At present, sucralose is thought to be a highly stable sweetener that is safe for people with diabetes. Studies are still being conducted on whether this sweetener causes other health issues, such as migraines and thymus shrinkage. Unlike sugar, sucralose is not processed by the body for energy, therefore it is said to contain no calories.

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