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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weight Loss Surgery Eradicates Diabetes Symptoms

Written by Tena Moore

A new study, presented at the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders in Paris, has found that bariatric surgery for weight loss can also help eradicate diabetes type 2 symptoms. Bariatric surgery (aka, gastric-band operation) is a weight loss surgery where a staple or band is fitted around the upper part of the stomach to shrink the stomach and decrease appetite. Bariatric surgery can be gastric bypass.

The study was led by Professor Henry Buchwald from the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and involved a medical research review of 135,000 patients. The study proved that bariatric surgery helps to eliminate diabetes type 2 symptoms: 78 percent of the participants had a ‘complete resolution’ of their diabetes for up to two years after bariatric surgery. Eight-seven percent saw an improvement in their diabetes or a ‘complete resolution’. This makes sense to researchers, since type 2 diabetes is most often caused by obesity. Once the weight is lost and health resumes to the body, diabetes caused by obesity disappears.

Bariatric surgery is a last resort for those who cannot lose weight by other means. Patients must have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or over and prove serious weight loss failure. Most people that have the surgery lose around 50 percent of their excess weight.

Although this seems like the perfect solution to obesity and diabetes for some, it is not for everyone. Even when patients have bariatric surgery, they must eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of exercise or they can gain weight back. In addition, there are certain risks associated with surgery which must be understood beforehand.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hoodia extract – A Weight Loss Succulent to reduce Body fat

If you’ve heard of hoodia gordonii, chances are it is due to its overwhelming popularity in the west for weight loss and dieting. What many don’t know is that before being known for appetite suppression, hoodia was also used to help treat indigestion, diabetes, abdominal cramps, hypertension and more by the Kalahari San bushmen of South America.

This South American succulent, which has a similar appearance to the cactus, has been proven to reduce body fat, appetite and calorie intake. It can be found as an extract, tincture and in capsule form at many health food stores and online distributors, and is currently being studied by pharmaceutical companies seeking to create a synthetic form for the purpose of weight loss prescription drugs.

Hoodia extract

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