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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Healthcare, Medicine, and Natural Remedies

Written by Tena Moore

Imagine that you are a doctor. You are committed to making sure your patients have the best care possible and you are committed to upholding your Hippocratic Oath, the oath you took to uphold the ethical practice of medicine. Also imagine that you have seen many studies and read a lot of research showing the effectiveness of many natural remedies and therapies that could be helpful for your patients, but under your Hippocratic Oath you are not allowed to suggest these helpful remedies to your patients. Your hands are tied.

This is what is happening to many doctors all across America who cannot suggest complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to their patients, regardless of whether or not it could be helpful for them. It is actually against the law. These restrictions keep physicians from suggesting alternative health care, thought it still seems like they are not keeping their oath, because they are also not allowed to help their patients in every way possible.

With healthcare reform on everyone’s minds, and healthcare costs increasing at an alarming rate, many are hoping for a health care integration that would allow doctors to use conventional medicine and CAM in an integrated way that allows the maximum health care possible. This issue is discussed in Dr. Mary Zennet’s book Health Care For Us All: The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare. Dr. Zennet is just one of the many that would like to see an acceptance of natural remedies in the healthcare industry.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Need More Energy? Try Natural Herbs

If you are seeking a way to have more energy, but don’t want to use the United States most popular source of energy boosting – coffee – then your options are wide open. There are many different energy boosting herbs from all over the world that can help decrease fatigue and increase energy.

The following article outlines the many different natural energy boosters that are popular the world over, including the United States. From cordyceps, a popular mushroom that is widely used in China to increase energy, stamina and endurance to guarana, South American’s natural source of caffeine that doesn’t produce the jitters.

This article takes a close look at energy enhancing ginseng from Asia, Siberia and America, the popular South American tea drink, mate, and rhodiola, a root extract that boosts endorphins and increases stamina.

The article also supplies information about the amino acid taurine, which can be found in most popular energy drinks and helps support proper nerve function and cardiac muscle activity.

Take the Natural Pathway to More Energy

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