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Friday, June 26, 2009

Limit Your Daily Calories and Lose Weight

Written by Tena Moore  (if this post appears on any site other than it has been stolen)

There are too many diets out there to even count; the Adkins diet, the Zone diet, and the Mediterranean diet are just a couple. Researchers have recently wondered if it is the diet that matters, or whether it’s simply restricting calories that really matters when it comes to weight loss. To find out the answer, researchers did a weight-loss study involving over 800 overweight adults.

During the study, the researchers assigned the participants four different anonymous diets. The key was that all diets restricted calories and involved counting carbohydrates, protein or fat. Each of the diets cut around 750 calories from the participant’s normal daily diets, but never allowed them to eat under 1,200 calories. The study also involved group and individual counseling for the participants. The study lasted two years.

They found that the participants lost, and also regained, about the same amount of weight. It hadn’t mattered so much which diet they used, only that they restricted calories. It also did not matter as much whether participants went to counseling. While it seemed that those who attended had a larger weight loss, that was not true across the board; some participants lost a lot of weight while only going to a couple counseling sessions.

In the end, the researchers decided that calorie restriction, not a particular diet, is the key to weight loss. For best results, choose whichever diet appeals to you and stick with it.

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