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Sunday, February 7, 2010

When will the body begin to cannibalize muscle tissue?

Written by Tena Moore

Your body has certain rules about how it uses energy and burns fat and muscle. If you aren’t playing by the body’s rules then you definitely can lose muscle tissue and organ tissue, instead of what you want to lose: fat. If you are not eating enough calories for your weight and activity level, you body will start to cannibalize muscle and organ tissue because it won’t be able to get the fuel it needs. Food is your fuel supply, and although many dieters strive to reduce their calories to help lose weight, it is important to eat enough calories for your body’s daily energy needs.

Reducing calories can be a very healthy choice if done correctly. Studies have shown that restricting calories can help people lose weight, stay healthier, combat certain diseases, and even live longer. While the amount of calories needed per day depends on each individuals weight, height, and activity level, a basic rule is to never go lower than 1200 calories per day. If you do, you may lose weight, but that weight will most likely be muscle and organ tissue and will leave you with low energy levels. When you begin eating normally and healthily again, you will gain the weight back at a fast rate.

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