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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diets that promise you will lose weight

Written by Tena Moore

There are countless diets out there claiming that you will lose weight if you buy their products and use them as specified. There’s usually a diet ‘du jour’ as well; a new diet making a splash with their claims of weight loss. Right now that diet in the acai berry diet, and before that it was a green tea diet. Rachel Ray has a diet and Dr. Atkins had a diet. All diets promise you’ll lose weight, but with obesity at an all time high it’s hard to believe those promises.

It is true that some people lose weight, and even large amounts of weight, on some diets. Some people keep the weight off and some gain it back. Other people fail at the same diet and some people have great success with certain diets.

All in all, it appears that most people can lose weight if they follow any diet that restricts calories. Add exercise into the equation and success is boosted.

The issue with most diets is not whether they work, but whether the person on the diet can stay away from fried foods, junk foods, fast foods, and highly-processed foods.

It’s challenging for many to cut out sodas and cut back on sugary coffees and alcoholic beverages. In the end, it’s less about whether the diet can help you lose weight, and more about whether you can eat less and move more.

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