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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What do doctors think about vitamin E supplements?

Written by Tena Moore (- if this post appears on any site other than it has been stolen)

On the topic of vitamin E supplements, it definitely depends on which doctor you talk to. The reason there is so much conflicting information about vitamin E supplements is due to conflicting studies, particularly in recent years when studies have indicated that Vitamin E megadosing can be dangerous and can potentially cause heart damage.

Some studies a while back said that vitamin E may help prevent disease, especially heart disease and cancers. When this happened people started buying vitamin E by the truckloads. It became super popular, especially in high mega-doses. A normal dose of vitamin E is considered to be 40 IU, although many vitamin E supplements offer IU of up to 1,500. Anything over 400 IU is considered a ‘mega-dose’.

Now, many new studies show that it may not be helpful in preventing cancer or heart disease, or any other disease. In fact, it may increase the chances of disease, especially in doses of 400 IU or more.

Many doctors believe that people should just get their vitamin E from natural food sources, such as leafy greens, egg yolks, nuts and seeds, whole grains, and fish such as sardines. Vitamin E deficiency is not a problem for most people, so since the information about whether to take supplements or not is conflicted, it’s best not to take supplements. If you do decide to take supplements, stick with the normal RDA and forgo mega-doses.

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