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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quality of GNC Supplements

Recently I was wondering about the quality of GNC supplements so I went looking around on google and found this page. Why did I go looking at all? Well, I've read more than once that certain nutritional supplement products, after having been tested, have been found to contain less than what was advertised. My own suspicion is that this is more likely to occur when the price for a product is exceptionally low.

Without naming names, we all know which national retailers you can go to get the rock bottom lowest prices in town. I like low prices, but if you think about it, sometimes a manufacturer bringing a certain product line in at a certain price point just so they can grace the store shelves of a giant retailer may not be the best way to guarantee quality in the product.

So, are GNC supplements of high quality? Well, I've not heard any complaints. They are more expensive than what you get at the discount retailers; however, there's that saying "you get what you pay for".

Anyway, here's an interesting link that's related to this topic.

GNC Nutritional Supplements To Be Evaluated And Certified By NSF International

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