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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cordyceps can increase oxygen supply and blood flow

Did you know that there is a mushroom that can support heart, kidney, immune system and liver function? Were you aware that this same mushroom is also able to increase energy, stamina and endurance, all while being a powerful antioxidant and aphrodisiac that can increase sex drive and help impotence? In addition, the powerful fungus can increase oxygen supply and blood flow throughout the body. The special, medicinal mushroom is called cordyceps sinensis and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Cordyceps – also known as the Chinese caterpillar fungus –can be found in health food stores, Chinese specialty stores, and at online retailers. While cordyceps are now produced in Western countries as well, the most potent cordyceps are thought to come from the Tibetan regions. The mushroom can be found in its wild state (sometimes still attached to the caterpillar), or bought in the supplemental forms of extract, tincture and capsule.

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At June 17, 2009 4:09 PM , Anonymous Cordyceps Sinensis Cure said...

Ummm there is a misconception that the most potent comes from the East - I think the negative ion content of the atmosphere on the mountains would help this plant/mushroom grow efficiently, but I've been thinking about the science cultured Cordyceps products - I've seen some Eastern Chinese manufactured pills which only has 250mg of cordyceps whilst I see Swansons health products offering 800mg a pill.

I thought I was missing out as you supposedly get more, but it got me thinking quantity is not the same as quality/active ingredient content.... I think if you guys wenet to real the research of Paul Stamets you would be surprised about the effects - they documeted 19 benefits it gives and i'm telling you its more then just a powerful antioxident or a simple aphrodisiac!

What are your observations on this miracle mushroom? I've taken to growing Shiitake mushrooms but really want to grow my own Cordyceps without the catapillers! However Reishi mushrooms go very well with Cordyceps - you may want to check that out!

Anyway I hope you will be able to give me more info as i'm very interested in mushroom medicinal applications!

I just thought i'd get the ball rolling on the comments :)


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