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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Natural, Whole Food Fiber

Getting enough fiber is an extremely important, but oftentimes overlooked, diet essential. Lately there have been a lot of companies adding fiber to their cereal, yogurt, orange juice and other food products in the hopes and helping Americans to obtain the necessary amounts. Fiber has many health benefits, from regulating blood sugar and filling you up, to protecting against diabetes and digestive issues. The question that is being asked is: does added fiber give the same protection and health benefits that true, natural, whole food fiber offers?

The following article takes a look at ‘added fiber’ versus ‘whole food fiber’, and speaks with a myriad of dieticians and nutritionists to determine whether processed, refined fiber can offer the same health benefits as unprocessed fiber. This article also makes suggestions for getting enough fiber in your daily diet, lists fiber-rich foods, and explains how you can add healthy, unprocessed fiber to foods without buying foods with added fiber, to get maximum health benefits.

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