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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Heart Attack?

Could doctors and cardiologists be putting their patients at risk simply because they are personally uncomfortable talking about ‘erections’ to their patients? Are they truly uncomfortable, or are they simply unaware that that erectile dysfunction and heart attack are linked? According to this enlightening article, both issues may be happening and may be clinically negligent. Is erectile dysfunction an early indicator of heart disease?

In this article Dr. Geoffrey Hackett of Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, England, claims that erectile dysfunction is a precursor to heart attack. In fact, he says that erectile dysfunction doubles the risk of heart attack and that many men develop the issue nearly two to three years before the onset of heart attack, but doctors are not making the link.

The article explains how erectile dysfunction is a serious health issue that is also a symptom of vascular disease. The article offers a word of warning to doctors who are not making the link between the disease and heart disease.

ED Early Warning for Heart Attack?

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