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Friday, January 9, 2009

Creatine and Athletic Performance

Athletes have been using creatine since the 1990s to increase body mass, build muscles, decrease body fat, and improve endurance. It is estimated that nearly 25 percent to 50 percent of professional athletes turn to creatine for improved athletic performance, and many like to use it during workouts for fast, quick, bursts of energy. This is good news, hopefully keeping many athletes away from anabolic steroids.

Creatine is a nonessential amino acid that is manufactured in the liver and kidneys, and delivered by the bloodstream to the muscles. Creatine is also available in high protein foods, though diet alone cannot supply the enough creatine for increasing stamina and muscle mass. Some think that taking creatine with carbohydrates will increase its absorption rate.

While creatine is a great supplement for athletes, it is also known to help with medical conditions such as: neuromuscular disorders, congestive heart failure, muscular dystrophy, secondary heart attack and more.

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