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Monday, January 5, 2009

Can Veganism Cure Diabetes?

Could you eat a vegan diet if it would cure your Type 2 diabetes? Veganism is a healthy diet that involves not only forgoing meat (cow, chicken, fish, turkey and any other living creatures) but it also involves not eating animal products, such as sour cream, cheese, milk, and other animal products such as eggs. While many people still can’t imagine having a diet that does not involve animals, more and more research is pointing the healthy validity of a vegan diet. This time it is being said to help those who suffer with Type 2 diabetes.

The following article gives an overview of a randomized clinical study that proved a vegan diet could improve sensitivity to insulin by improving glycemic and lipid control. This is great news for those with Type 2 diabetes, especially if they feel they could switch to a vegan diet. Of course, this diet wouldn’t work for everyone, but for some it could possibly reverse their diabetes.

Vegan is a Diabetes Cure?

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