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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Increasing Your Energy Naturally

It seems as though nearly everyone tries to create more energy for themselves. The high consumption of soft drinks and coffee alone is a testament to the desire for more energy. What about those with chronic illness? While everyone can use more
energy, those who struggle with chronic illness are more vulnerable to energy depletion and need to take extra care of the energy that is given to them each day.

This article outlines the many simple ways that one can increase their daily energy, from removing foods that contain sugar and gluten, detoxifying the body, and doing joyful activities, to turning off the computer and resting. In addition to making simple, commonsense changes to one’s daily routine - such as staying away from negative television programs and negative, draining people - this article also suggests taking supplements such as cordyceps mushroom and alpha ketoglutaric acid, along with using toxic binders such as chlorella to help remove those toxins from the body.

Fantastic Fixes for Low Energy

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