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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are Injected Wrinkle Removers Safe?

Instant wrinkle removers are all the rage. How wonderful it is to be able to get a quick injection and watch those lines and wrinkles disappear, making you appear more youthful and . Unfortunately, these wrinkle ‘miracle cure’ injections are only temporary - wrinkle fillers, not wrinkle removers - which fill the wrinkles in but fade with time. If that was the only bad thing about them that would be great, but the truth is that they come with serious side effects. The FDA has released a 41-page report on wrinkle fillers and their potential side effects and health issues. The report included 930 side effects.

The following article is a wealth of information about wrinkle-fillers and their side effects. The article gives the direct link to the 41-page report released by the FDA (in downloadable PDF form) and paraphrases much of the information in the report. Allergic reactions, erythema, infection, pain, blurred vision, disfigurement, tear duct obstruction and heart attack are only a few of the side effects and adverse events that can happen due to wrinkle-filler injections.

Instant Wrinkle Removers Are Fillers With Side Effects

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