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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where are Germs Lurking?

Did you know that there is more germ contamination on a kitchen sink sponge than in a toilet? It’s true! According to Dr. Andrew Weil and microbiologist Charles Gerba, kitchen sinks have more germs than toilets. Dr. Weil’s self-healing newsletter suggests that kitchen sponges should be changed or sterilized often (sponges can be sterilized in microwaves by putting the sponge in wet for one minute or just pop the sponge in your dishwasher).

Outside the home, germs are everywhere and most of the time in areas that we do not think about. For instance, ATM buttons and elevator buttons are tied for germ contamination. Since there is no logical way for you to wash your hands when you are near these items, you could choose to carry an alcohol hand sanitizer.

We have all been in this next quandary as to germ contamination when you stay at a hotel or motel. Dr. Weil’s article suggests that the TV remote is far more contaminated than the hotel bedspread, since TV remotes are most often the first thing people (mostly men) touch when they enter the room. Once again, it is suggested that you use a hand sanitizer for your hands and the TV remote control. You will have to draw your own conclusions in this example. As for me...I am not so sure the remote is more contaminated with germs when compared to a hotel bedspread.

Now you head to your local grocery store to get some groceries, and you are wondering "where are the germs lurking?" Well think no more! Grocery store cart handles are contaminated with urine, saliva, and blood. About 55 percent of the cart handles tested were contaminated with urine and/or saliva, and about 21 percent even showed traces of blood.

Heaven forbid you have to use the restroom while out. However, if you find yourself in this predicament which stall should you use? You should use the first stall, since most people do not use the first stall in a public restroom, of course once you have finished using the first stall you should wash your hands thoroughly.

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