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Friday, June 6, 2008

Can People can Live Longer in Spite of Being Overweight?

Yes! You can live longer even if you are overweight, however you need to follow four simple rules for healthy living. Recently, the Public Library of Science and Medicine released the results of a decade long study that involved twenty thousand individuals who were given these simple rules to live a healthy lifestyle.

The four rules are as follows: exercise regularly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, do not smoke, and do not over indulge in alcohol consumption. Moreover, researchers concluded that an adult who followed these principles would have the same chance of dying at seventy-four as an individual who did not follow these healthy lifestyle rules would have at age sixty.

The results of the Public Library of Science and Medicine study showed that individuals, who were not successful in following the above rules, were four times more likely to have passed away during the ten year study than those individuals who followed these four simple rules. These findings held true even if the individual was overweight or poor, in fact social class or body mass index had not impact upon the benefits of living by these simple rules.

This study and many other studies have shown that regular exercise and healthy eating are key to living a long healthy life.

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