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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Limiting Yeast Consumption may lead to a longer healthier life

Recently, University College in London conducted a study that involved fruit flies and their consumption of sugar and yeast. The researchers found that fruit flies that ate more protein and fat lived longer than those who consumed more yeast and sugar.

Longevity may depend on what you eat rather than caloric count, contrary to present standards. In fact, University College researchers are of the opinion that certain foods trigger certain metabolic responses, which affect longevity in different ways. Other researches are quick to point out that at this time it would be difficult to ascertain whether specific foods affect longevity or caloric intake has more affect upon human life span.

The International Longevity Centre suggests that until recently the issue of how diet may affect longevity has largely been ignored. Both the United States and the United Kingdom are experiencing an alarming increase of obesity among their citizens; consequently their populations are experiencing increase of other morbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

The Centre suggests that by following a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and fish, most individuals experience healthier lives and live longer. A healthy diet combined with exercise, moderate alcohol use, and avoidance of tobacco give individuals more years of good health than any single of these lifestyle choices accomplish on its own.

The fruit fly study and other studies seem to suggest that fat and protein consumption may not have the negative effect upon longevity and weight control that current thinking has portrayed them to have. In fact, the food pyramid with a heavy carbohydrate (often yeast based products) base may actually cause increased obesity and lessen the human life span. It is time to through conventional wisdom out the window, and take a look at the fact that individuals have gotten fatter with during the past twenty years not thinner.

During these same twenty years low fat and low protein diets have been touted as the way to a thinner healthier individual, sadly statistics indicate that this approach does not work.

Perhaps, we should adopt a reverse pyramid with more emphasis place upon healthy protein, fat, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, rather than yeast products (white bread, rolls, etc) and other refined carbohydrates (refined carbohydrates are processed as sugar).

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