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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What You Can Do to Lower Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Although colon cancer is on the decline, it is still worth thinking about how to reduce your risk for the disease. Many studies are currently being done to determine the risk factors of colon cancer, and although not all scientists agree, the majority of information out there seems to point to several ‘risk factors’ that can be summed up easily.

As far as diet goes, many studies point to cutting back on red meat. A high quantity of red meat in ones diet, or eating red meat daily, has been shown in many studies to increase the chances for colon cancer. Chicken seems to be a neutral meat and fish may even help to decrease the risk of colon cancer. Also, getting a sufficient amount of calcium in one’s diet may help to lower risk as well.

Other ways to lower your risk of colon cancer is to stay active and keep your weight down. Studies have shown that physical exercise protects against colon cancer and vigorous physical exercise might even offer more protection. Other studies show that obesity is a major factor in colon cancer, so keeping your weight down will help to reduce your risk dramatically.

While fiber was once thought to be the main help for colon cancer, doctors and scientists are now pointing toward these lifestyle and diet changes for increased health. So keep your weight down, put on your walking shoes, stay away from red meat, eat plenty of oily fish and make sure to get calcium in your diet!

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