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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nutritious, Amazing Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest, most nutritious foods on the planet. Virgin olive oil is linked to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, aging and cancer. It is thought to be anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antithrombotic. Olive oil contains sterols, oleocanthal, a-tocopherol, phenolic compounds and triterpenes. It is used for burns, ulcers, bites, stings, itching – and even lowers the risk of gallstones.

Olive oil is a source of good fat and inhibits oxidative stress. Olive oil has high antioxidant levels, and more!

When buying olive oil, how can you choose the best of the best? The quality of olive oil depends upon the soil, variety of trees, harvest time, climate and production methods. For the most nutritious olive oil choose the first press, also called the cold press. These olives are pressed once, without heat and are the absolute most nutritious. Unfortunately, cold press olive oil is hard to come by. The next most nutritious choices are early harvested olive oil and handpicked olives, turned to olive oil.

There are many different types of olive oil. Other than cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil is known to be the best. It is created with the first pressing of the olives and has the most nutritional value. Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed, with the exception of the cold press. Virgin olive oil (no ‘extra’) is next in line as far as nutritional value and made from the second pressing of the olives. Olive oil labeled ‘pure’ is not what the title implies. It undergoes filtering and refining and is somewhat processed. Extra light olive oil is the least nutritious. It is processed considerably and has a weak flavor.

Now, run to the grocer and try to find a bottle of cold pressed or extra virgin olive oil and use liberally!

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At May 7, 2008 7:59 AM , Anonymous SpinDiva said...

Hey Tim, this is great information on Olive Oil. I personally use it over anything else, even on my toast. I love it. I wanted you to know that I linked back to this post on an article I'm writing about how to dress a salad. It will be up soon on

Thanks for the great tips.

Spin Diva

At May 14, 2008 2:16 PM , Blogger Vitamin Stuff Editor said...

Thanks Spin Diva. Let me know when you get the article up.


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