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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Creatine is a Natural Constituent of Skeletal Muscle

I'm in the process of developing a dictionary for Vitamin Stuff, one that will cover much of the terminology encountered in nutrition and health and fitness writing. It's not the easiest process, of course, and, as with anything else, there's the occasional flub.

Here's a definition for Creatine that's redundant (I had forgotten that a page devoted to Creatine already exists on Vitamin Stuff) but still worthy of posting.

Creatine, also known as phosphocreatine, is a natural constituent of skeletal muscle and is also produced by amino acids during digestion. The richest sources of creatine in food come from meat and fish.

While natural creatine is a protein derivative in muscle tissue, it is most commonly known for its use as a dietary supplement in the sport of bodybuilding for those seeking to enhance their physical performance. The reason it is used by bodybuilders is because it increases the amount of energy available from the muscles and improves one’s ability to sustain strength during intense exercise.

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