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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Will your ferret miss you if you go on a trip?

Mine did. I got back from a several day stay down at myrtle beach last year. Actually, garden city, south carolina, which is about 20 minutes south of MB.

I was only gone for about 3 1/2 half days (a good friend who is familiar with ferrets was kind enough to care for her in this short time) and when I greeted Chloe the morning after getting back she gave me quite a few kisses and more than usual. In the last year or so (Chloe, I think, is about 5 now), in fact, Chloe has been getting a lot more affectionate, which is great because when I first adopted her she wasn't particularly affectionate (perhaps her former home life--you get out of a pet what you put into it).

However, on this particular morning Chloe was very affectionate. She usually kisses me a few times when I get her out of her cage (a two story Ferret condo with a hammock, multiple litter trays, hanging water bottle, foamy couch, and a sleeping bag. But that day, she kissed me many times, leading me to conclude that she had, in fact, missed me while I was gone. Which made me realize how very much I had missed her.

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