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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why the issue of nutrient supplementation is fluid and complex

In the previous post (Vitamin D Supplementation, I pointed out that a number of nutrition researchers are of the belief that the current recommendations for vitamin D intake are too low.

However, here's one of the problems with advocating any level of nutrient supplementation: the benefits of supplementation are not really cut-and-dried and, very often, it happens to be the case that ongoing research presents information and conclusions that seem contradictory to previous information, perhaps even undermining the possible basis for supplementation.

The article linked below states, with regard to vitamin D:

1. Ingested vitamin D (supplementation versus natural food sources) may suppress the immune system.

2. Vitamin D intake may make certain disease processes worse.

Unfortunately, when we're talking about nutrient supplements, we may often be speaking from a podium constructed on shifting sands.

Vitamin D may make things worse

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