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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How often does a ferret go to the bathroom?

Ferrets go to the bathroom more than one can possibly imagine; that is, assuming that one has no prior experience with the toileting habits of ferrets. For those who do have such experience, the thought has probably occurred to them more than once "Why did I ever get a ferret?"

Let me put it this way. If you get a ferret, make sure you get a litter tray, preferably one that fits into a corner since ferrets tend to seek out corners in which to do their business. In fact, you may wish to get several litter trays to prepare for the contingency in which your ferret has trouble "getting the concept of" what and where an acceptable bathroom is. Also, be prepared to fall in love with daily cage cleaning, or at least be prepared to fake a love of this activity. Because if you get a ferret, cage cleaning is what you'll do, and do, and do.

You'll need to clean your ferret's cage daily, of course. If you don't, the smell will become quite obnoxious and tear provoking, and who wants that.

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