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Thursday, January 10, 2008

How do you play with a ferret?

Well, ferrets love to play in number of different ways and from what I can tell, what I've read in various ferret books seems spot on with what I've observed with Chloe. She loves "I chase you, you chase me". And I love this game as well, particularly the part when I chase her because that's when you really get to see a ferret hustle. I have to caution you on this, though. Be VERY careful when you chase a ferret because you could easily lose your balance or step the wrong way and hurt your ferret. Of course, you can do this when your ferret chases you, as well. For this reason, I never let anyone else play this game with Chloe. I'm not only Chloe's owner, I see myself as her guardian and protector.

Other ferret games? I'm not sure if this is a game, but Chloe seems to think it's fun to get into a room when I don't want her to. And you can see the mischievous intent of her actions when, as soon as she gets through a crack in the door, she shoots under a chair as if to say, "Catch me if you can...but I don't think you can".

However, some of the best ferret games don't even involve interaction with owners. Ferrets love to crawl through things and if you'll pick some dryer venting (such as from Home Depot), your ferret can do some tunnel exploration in the comfort and safety of your living room.

Chloe the ferret - a Mini Blog about Ferrets

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