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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Fox and the Hound

Here's a link to a really endearing story about an orphaned fox who was adopted by a three-year-old dog. However, the story reminds me of the lady (I could say "girl" since she is only about 22 but I'm not sure if that sounds right) who regularly cuts my hair. She seemed to think that foxes are not part of the canine family. She stated once, as I sat in her chair, "foxes are really small, but that's because they're rodents". Which, of course, has to be one of the most memorable comments I've come across. Perhaps she should consider employment at Petsmart where all the clerks seem to think that ferrets are rodents as well. Well, I shouldn't laugh too hard at her expense. Perhaps, oneday, she'll learn that foxes are not related to rats and mice. But, then again, I do live in the south and "book lernin" still has a "ways to go".

This is really a great story:

Adopting a fox

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At February 2, 2008 11:59 PM , Blogger David Mason said...

Great blog. I'd recommend checking out and the weight of evidence blog for other great posts. Those are two of my daily favorites…


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