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Friday, January 18, 2008

Ferrets and personal property

Chloe tunneling under the bedspread

They have no respect for it. Depending on the value of your personal property (to a ferret, that is), they may ignore it...shred it, bite it, or steal it. Oh, and if it's in a corner, they may poop on it. However, whether they have a true interest in your belongings or not, if its something "new" and out in the open, they will investigate it.

Ferrets seem to be nature's fuzzy little detectives. And they have all the required attributes, including good memory, determination (some would say obsessive-compulsiveness), and true problem solving ability. The bees are next in line to achieve sentience? No, I'd probably bet on the ferret.

Chloe the ferret - a Mini Blog about Ferrets

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