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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ferret Proofing never ends

I began to alter the way I think about my home and how I move within it a long time ago. When you have a ferret, you have no choice but to do this. In a zen-like way, I suppose, you must allow yourself to bend to the predilections of the ferret.

What does ferret proofing include? You name it. For the most, ferret proofing boils down to giving consideration to everything that happens within your home and how it might affect your furry little detective friend, i.e. how it might catch the interest of your ferret, even to its detriment.

As soon as the front loading washer in the photo above was delivered, I knew that I could never again walk away from the washer with the door open. It would simply be too inviting for a curious ferret who might like to curl up in a pile of clothes, blithely unaware of the wash and rinse cycle that might follow.

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At January 17, 2008 7:59 AM , Blogger Opal said...

Aww what a cute picture. Does Chloe have full reign of the house? Or is she restricted to certain rooms. Mine are restricted to my bedroom when I cannot watch them. When I am able to watch them they are allowed to run around downstairs. It can be a challenge to keep up with four ferrets.

At January 18, 2008 5:34 AM , Blogger Vitamin Stuff Editor said...

For the most part, she gets the run of the house. But if company is over, I may restrict her to a room. Everyone is careful, but I'm always paranoid that someone will leave the front door cracked open, or will sit down on the couch without looking first, or shut a door without checking to see if she is trying to "scoot through" at the last moment.


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