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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do pet ferrets have hunting instincts?

Chloe in fact has some hunting instincts left and has gone after a mouse or two. Here's an interesting story. A couple years ago, I had about 3 or 4 mice in the house. Why did I have mice? Probably because chloe kept stealing dog biscuits and hiding them under the pie safe. The smell of a stash of dog biscuits drew the mice. Gypsy the cat (no longer on this mortal plane) managed to take out the mice, but chloe may have done one in herself. I went to let chloe out of her cage one morning and, as usual, chloe's little pointy head poked out of her sleeping sack. Right next to her was the head of a dead mouse (still attached to the body, of course). It looked like one of those old cartoons where the dead animal has an X in each eye. Either chloe had killed the mouse, or had stolen the kill from Gypsy the cat.

Chloe the ferret - a Mini Blog about Ferrets

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