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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do ferrets like to get into dangerous places?

This may be a good reminder to view the prior post about ferrets and refrigerators. Ferrets personify the word "reckless" and if you look up the word in a dictionary you really should see a picture of a ferret.

To me, it's amazing that this species is still around, considering all the risks they take. Will a ferret get into something it can't get out of? Yes, without a doubt.

Example: Chloe climbed into an umbrella stand. Of course, there was no way to get out and if someone (me) hadn't come along and hear her scrabbling noises, she would not have gotten out. Will a ferret climb into the opening of a front loading washer. Sure. To a ferret, that's as fun as a nightclub with free drinks.

Warning to 99 percent of potential ferret owners: Don't get a ferret. In the end, this will be better for you and the ferret you didn't own.

More about Chloe the ferret and ferrets in general

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