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Monday, January 21, 2008

Collected Posts from the Vitamin Stuff Blog

Here are more collected posts from this blog. In other words, this is--

Archive page #2

Sugars and Starches, what's the difference?
Improving your health with a serving of nuts?
Is Your Diet Causing You To Be Depressed?
Does serotonin promote sleep?
Decreased energy levels - Overeating, Sleep, Nutrition
When will the body begin to cannibalize muscle tissue?
Foods that are high in antioxidants
What herbs or supplements are commonly used for depression?
Is there a safe way to lose a lot of weight?
Diets that promise you will lose weight
Are Fish Toxins Linked to Diabetes?
Can Plastic Surgery Help Migraines?
Weight Loss Surgery Eradicates Diabetes Symptoms
Found: A Gene That Controls Fat Cells
What are some good fiber foods?
Can Green Tea fight HIV infection?
Quality of GNC Supplements
The Gene Smart Diet
Tips for eating in a vegetarian lifestyle
Thoughts on Dropping Weight
What do doctors think about vitamin E supplements?
Regarding the Starting of a new diet regimen
How Healthy are Almonds?
The benefits of green leafy vegetables
How do doctors define obesity? (body fat, bmi,etc)
High Fiber Relatively Low Carb Cereal
Which B vitamins are the best?
Is There Evidence That Acupuncture Works?
What foods have both fiber and protein?
How good is fish for your diet?
New test for mitochondrial disease
Integrative Medicine Moving Into Mainstream
Limit Your Daily Calories and Lose Weight
Study Finds Red Meat Increases Risk of Macular Degeneration
Is complementary and alternative medicine Safe For Kids?
The difference between Vegetarianism and Veganism?
Does Acupuncture help Arthritis?
Skipping breakfast to cut calories. Recommended?
What are all the vegetable oils?
Are hazelnuts good for you?
Why (and how) To Get Your Omega-3s
Alternative Medicine Gaining Clout
A Headache Study Shows Acupuncture May Help
What Good Is Calling About Your Social Security Disability Claim?
The Low Glycemic Diet For Diabetics
Prevention is Key to Fighting Age-related Macular Degeneration
What is Watsu?
Healthcare, Medicine, and Natural Remedies
Keeping the Heart Healthy - exercise and nutrition
Fats Are Good For You, but its the type of fat
What Do Vegan Kids Eat?
Complementary and Alternative Medicine On The Rise
Must You Take Statins For Cholesterol?
Skin Aging and Sun Exposure
5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan) for depression and anxiety?
Can Veganism Cure Diabetes?
Turmeric and Type 2 Diabetes
Nanotechnology and Turmeric for Cancer?
Is Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Heart Attack?
Natural, Whole Food Fiber
Creatine and Athletic Performance
ADHD and Amino Acid Chocolate Chip Cookies
A Natural Antiseptic: Tea Tree Oil
Study Finds Hibiscus Tea Lowers Blood Pressure
Keeping Healthy During The Winter On A Budget
Too much vitamin E may increase chances of lung cancer
Eating Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight
Looking for a Safe, Drug-Free Alternative for Pain Management? Try Acupuncture
How Many Young Americans Are Vegetarian?
When Can a Food Be Labeled “Organic”?
The Smell of Garlic is the Key to Its Health Benefits
South Beach Diet: What it Is, What it Isn't
Cordyceps can increase oxygen supply and blood flow
Chondroitin helps in the formation of cartilage
The Path of Chocolate: Raw Cacoa
Walk! Save Money and Lose Weight
The benefits of sugarless gum may go beyond healthier teeth
The Truth About Fats: Healthy Fats and Harmful Fats
Can drinking red wine extend your life?
A New Purple, Antioxidant Tomato
Scientists Find Eating a High-Carb Breakfast Promotes Long-term Weight Loss
Get Enough (but not too much) Vitamin B Folate
Natural Viagra? Tribulus Terrestris
The New Superfood for Reducing Heart Disease – Tart Cherries
Are Injected Wrinkle Removers Safe?
Increasing Your Energy Naturally
Turmeric Trials
Lowering Cholesterol With Food and Statins
Need More Energy? Try Natural Herbs
Yucca Treats Many Conditions
Red Wine is once again proven to be healthy. Drink up!
Will Age Ninety be the New Age Fifty in the Future?
Hyaluronic acid – A Hydrating, Cosmetic Supplement
Glucosamine – Replace Your NSAIDS With Supplementation
Can that Little Pot Belly Indicate That You’re More Likely to Develop Heart Disease?
Isoflavone Supplementation for Stroke
Researches are Convinced that Juice Prevents Blockages in the Arteries
Does Juice Consumption Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Can Gum Disease Led to Cancer?
St. John’s Wort -Uplifting and Natural!
Can Asthma Be Caused By Dairy?
Big Breakfast = Small Waistline?
The Juice from Sea-buckthorn Berries
Can Drinking Alcohol Increase Chances of Breast Cancer?
Where are Germs Lurking?
Green Tea May Protect the Brain From Problems Stemming From Sleep Apnea
Are Omega Three Fatty Acids Beneficial in the Treatment of Bipolar Disease
Do Sedentary Individuals Age Faster than Active Individuals?
Can People can Live Longer in Spite of Being Overweight?
Older Americans are richer and live longer, but fatter than ever
Study of Cardiac Event Sufferers - they rarely change unhealthy eating Habits
Black Pepper Treats Skin Pigment Disease
Does sugar cause wrinkles?
Whole grains can shrink your mid-section and ward off disease
True Sex Foods and Aphrodesiacs
Get more sleep - Lose more weight
Supplemental Drinks and Too Faced Marketing
Short naps Boost Memory
Eating Red Meat Increases Colon Cancer
Researchers may have found a Longevity Gene
Limiting Yeast Consumption may lead to a longer healthier life
Botox: from food poisoning to wrinkle eliminator
What You Can Do to Lower Your Risk of Colon Cancer
Fish Oil is a healthy source of good fat
Peppers, Capsaicin, and Prostate Cancer
Artificial sweetener linked to weight gain
Food Enzymes
Losing Weight to Decrease your Risk of Cancer?
Cannabis Causes Gum Disease
Women’s G-Spot Found?
Don’t Supersize your meals – Superpower them with Super Foods
Nutritious, Amazing Olive Oil
Simple ways for cutting calories
Fish is Probably Healthy, Even With Mercury
Depression, Social Interaction, Endorphins, and Exercise
Acupuncture Not Just a Placebo
Type II Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Gatric Banding
Gout and Sugar Soft Drinks
Acupuncture Really Helps Osteoarthritis Sufferers According to Study
Nutrition for Healthier Eyes
Media Fallacies: Don't always believe the mainstream media
Can Acupuncture help In Vitro Fertilization?
Acupuncture as an anesthetic and the Limbic System
Organic food really is healthier
Pregnant Mothers Need Vitamin E to Reduce Asthma in Children
What's a Blogroll really for?
How the sexes fare when they reach 100 years
High Fat Diets and Vitamin C Create Carcinogens
Jumper - sci fi movie that jumped and fell short
Grape Seeds - the seeds themselves are a nutritional element
Creatine is a Natural Constituent of Skeletal Muscle
Inflammation allows the body to heal itself
Eat Grapefruit for Healthy Gums
The Devil is, obviously, in the Details

Hydrotherapy comes in Various Forms

Weight Training for Health
Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis May Not be Effective
Substituting Grape Juice and Grape Seed Extract for Wine
Smoking and Alzheimer's
The Sweetener Stevia and Diet Soda
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - its not hype
Would I ever undergo Lasik?
Dietary vitamin E can boost physical health for the elderly
Getting more fiber in your diet
Low Carb Diet versus Low Fat Diet
Protein Burns More Energy
DHEA Levels, Beer, and...erectile dysfunction, arthritis, etc.
Sleep, Carbs, and Food Cravings
Multiple Sclerosis and the Best Best Diet
Successful management of osteoarthritis
More definitions added
Working out to improve your sleep cycle
Drinking beats Exercise for Heart Health?
Bodybuilding and nutrition
Alternative Medicine and Migraines
Vitamin D Supplementation
Why the issue of nutrient supplementation is fluid and complex
Folic Acid Supplementation
Developing a rudimentary beginning workout routine
The fox and the hound
More entries in the Dictionary
What I ate for breakfast
Visceral Fat a.k.a Hidden Belly fat
Deaths caused by poor nutrition
Future Medicines in Danger

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