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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cheesecake, Ferrets, and so forth

So, what's been happening on the Vitamin Stuff Blog, as of late? Well, I've spoken at length about cheesecakes and my pet ferret, Chloe (to see the infamous ferret posts -- More about Chloe the ferret and ferrets in general).

But, there's also been some added content that's in keeping with the aims of this blog and its parent site, Vitamin Stuff, including an article on not the most exciting topic--but, certainly an important topic: cholesterol.

So, here's a short article titled "
Just what exactly is High Cholesterol?

Also, here's a wonderful article by Opal Tribble on Juicing, titled "Juicing: Drink Your Way To Better Health". The great thing about Opal's articles is that they're fun to read and you learn quite a bit from them. In fact, reading her article spurred me to visit my local book store and get a copy of "Juicing for Life". Personally, I think Opal could write her own book on the subject since this is not only a health topic that she is interested in, it's an intrinsic part of the way she lives her life.

Opal has also started guest blogging here and her first post is "Ginger: A natural healer?". Stay tuned for more.

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