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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are ferrets psychic?

It depends on how you define the term "psychic". If by psychic, you mean being possessed of a seemingly unnatural ability to discern even the most minooooot changes to one's environment, then, yes, ferrets are definitely psychic.

Granted, this is not the definition most people would use. But anyone who has ever owned a ferret has probably at one point or another been amazed at what a ferret may notice (or not notice, in some cases). For example, if you change something in the living room or leave something lying around, even in a unremarkable spot, chances are your ferret will notice this and investigate.

Actually, despite their poor eyesight, ferrets seem to notice everything (given a fair amount of time, of course, to scurry back and forth on their appointed ferret rounds, such as stealing this or that, or building this or that stash).

However, because a ferret does notice so much and is compelled to investigate anything even slightly new or different, you, as a ferret owner, must be on your guard. Here's a good example and the reason I started this post. This morning I heard a strange noise coming from the refrigerator. I pulled the fridge back from the wall, pulled the power cord from the socket, looked under the fridge and saw a piece of plastic wrapping that had gotten into the fan blades.
I removed this, plugged the fridge back in, and pushed it against the wall. Then I thought to myself: "I better make sure this doesn't look any different. Otherwise, Chloe will get in there and get her nose chopped off in the fan blade."

Ferrets. You wonder how they manage to live as long as they do.

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