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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whole Foods, Blenders, and Smoothies --Oh my!

Usually, the best source of information regarding a product or activity will come from someone who actually uses the product or engages in the activity.

And that's why the following article is so informative. Written by Opal Tribble, this is a wonderfully informative article on the subject of whole foods that also includes some great information about juicing, smoothies, as well as some recommendations for juicers and blenders.

Some interesting aspects of the article are as follows:

1. The whole food approach can be incorporated into one's daily living in different ways, as the prepartion (or pre-preparation) of meals and as smoothies.

2. The whole food approach will definitely result in a diet that is closer in nature to what pre-industrialized peoples consumed. This means a higher fiber intake which is great for the intestinal tract and it also means a significant reduction in terms of the involvement of artificial substances.

3. Adopting a whole food approach may result in a better functioning immune system. Of course, this only makes sense. After all, the best source of antioxidants will always be natural foods.

Whole Foods stay as close to the natural food source as possible

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