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Monday, December 31, 2007

Up in the Sky...its...a very old cartoon

Last night, I read some old comics I had stashed away. One was a 1986 issue of Action Comics. Anyone who grew up on DC comics, of course, knows that Action Comics starred Superman.

I was taken aback, really, by how much comics have changed in the last two decades, not so much the storylines (amazingly, they haven't changed much), but the prices.

The price of this comic was 75 cents. Try buying one for that price today. Not even in the ballpark. And used titles that have any age on them can go for five dollars or more each. Just for a glint at my own perspective on this, when I stopped most of my comic buying, they had just gone to 35 cents. And for the majority of my comic buying years as a kid, they had been 20 and 25 cents. Hey, I even had some old issues of various titles that were----12 cents! Boy, that sounds like I must be ancient. (Is 42 ancient? what if you're 42 and look 35 as people tell you and you'd like to believe but secretly suspect that they're trying to gratify your ego?).

Anyway, reading that one installment of Superman lead to searching on Youtube for things Superman-related. And here's what I found: a clip of a 1941 Superman cartoon. A little boring by our standards today, to be sure, but interesting, nonetheless.

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