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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Regenerating bones and Vertebrae

Vitamin D has in the news to an amazing extent in the last year. That and the mineral calcium. Here's another article that focuses on a new form of Vitamin D that may, in time, prove to be a panacea, particularly for individuals with, or at risk, for osteoporosis.

A statistic contained in the article that really bowled me over was the "25% improvement in the strength of their vertebrae". This was for nonhuman test subjects (rats), of course, but if this benefit could carry over to humans...the possibilities could be wonderful.

This is important not just for the sake of osteoporosis, but also for lower back pain, which is typically tied to degenerative disc disease, a condition that, in many individuals can become disabling.

Improved Vitamin D for Bone Health

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