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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A new source of information for those who need assistance

Here's a link to a new blog, attached to a site that offers information on the federal government's disability benefit programs. The blog, like its parent site, is focused on providing information about the social security disability system and on answering specific questions about the core nature of the system: how an individual goes about filing for disability benefits, what to do when a claim gets denied, how to go about the act of submitting an appeal to the social security administration, and what the various criteria is for getting benefits awarded.

Currently, there is a meltdown occurring in the U.S. Social Security System, which includes both the retirement program and the lesser-publicized disability program. As many news stations and newspapers have reported in recent months, an untenable and unacceptable situation has developed in which individuals who become disabled and unable to work now find themselves unable to obtain relief from the program that is designed to assist them. The reason for this development, however, is not necessarily related to any chief factor other than the fact that the social security administration is underfunded, to the extent that it does not have a workforce of sufficient size to carry out its mandated responsibilities.

Social Security Disability Blog

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